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Response capability

This component begins with the identification of evacuation routes and meeting points. This was done based on the map of susceptibility to mass movements and the concept of Independent MOrphodynamic Units.

In order to generate response capacity, different exercises were carried out, including Emergency Simulations and Simulations.

The Emergency Simulations consist of theoretical exercises of reaction to multiple emergency scenarios (day - night, day of the week, weather, inhabitants with differential needs, etc.).

In order to carry out the Evacuation drills, the sectors associated with the different meeting points were defined and the number of people going to each point was calculated.

Days before the drill, the entire community was invited to participate. The organization of the exercise was carried out by the Administrative Department of Risk Management - DAGRD of Medellín, and the fire department.

The first drill was carried out in June 2022 and was supported by multiple entities in the city. The result was the evacuation of more than 100 inhabitants of the risk zone. The second drill was carried out in September 2022 and was led by the community.

After each drill, an evaluation of the exercise was carried out, identifying the positive elements and the elements that need to be strengthened to improve the response capacity.

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